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January 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Because this is our family blog and a lot of my updates are not really about my family, I have created a second blog here:


– Patty

Conversations That Make Me Want to Smack Myself in the Forehead: Part 4

December 11, 2010 § 2 Comments

Me: I think this shirt is too small.

Ethan: Don’t worry about it. You’re not fat.

Me: I wasn’t saying I thought I was fat- I was saying it shrunk in the wash! Do you think I’m fat?!

Ethan: Holy crap.

Conversations That Make Me Want to Smack Myself in the Forehead: Part 3

November 16, 2010 § 6 Comments

This conversation took place over my request that Ethan wear a shirt during meal times.

Ethan: But I have to let my body breathe!

Me: It breathes at night.

Ethan: But it’s under covers.

Me: It breathes in the shower.

Ethan: But it’s under water.

Me: Women don’t ever get to let their bodies breathe, and we’re okay.

Ethan: No you’re not. That’s why you don’t live as long.

Me: What? Women live longer than men!

Ethan: But is that really living?

Conversations That Make Me Want to Smack Myself in the Forehead Part 2

November 11, 2010 § 1 Comment

Why I shouldn’t ask my fiance for clothing advice.

Me: Ethan, does this shirt go with this jacket? I bought the shirt because I needed something for under the jacket.

Ethan: You look tiny.

Me: What?

Ethan: The shoulders are huge on your little body. I think it’s too big for you.

Me: No, I LIKE the jacket! I was asking you if the SHIRT goes with it!

Ethan: Oh! Well… no, I would have gone with orange.

Why We Should Avoid Celebrities

October 25, 2010 § 1 Comment

The following is a facebook wall exchange between Meagan and me.  It reminded me that my family should avoid celebrities.  Those star-struck moments just magnify our normal weirdness.

Meagan really shouldn’t be allowed around famous people anymore. Telling the lead singer Bradie had to leave the number one spot in line to go find a bathroom is not appropriate conversation. In other news, THE SCRIPT IS AMAZING!!!!!!

Me: Ha-that’s great. At least you didn’t tell one of your favorite authors that he was a liar*.

Meagan: At least you didn’t tell your hero** that you were going to throw up on him.

Me: Whatever. That was the best Christmas card our family ever sent.

*My sister Colleen met one of my favorite authors and got him to call me while I was at the grocery store. I told him he was lying about who he was. He was a good sport and signed a book for me with the line, “It’s really me!”

**Steve Yzerman, former captain of the Detroit Red Wings.

– Patty

Lasik Surgery: One Month Later

October 21, 2010 § 1 Comment

Before my update, I want to share a story. A few months ago, I started to notice brown spots on my shower sponge. Standing in the shower, I examined them closer and realized they were tiny brown bugs. Disgusted, I threw the sponge away. Ethan’s sponge didn’t seem to have any bugs on it, but I wasn’t going to take any chances, so I threw that one away, too. I replaced the sponges, but they were back a few days later! I tore threw the house washing bedding and examing the apartment for these bugs, but I still only noticed them on the shower sponges.

A few days after Lasik, I examined them again. It turns out those “bugs” were the exfoliating beads from my brown sugar shower gel. I had never been able to see properly in the shower before because I couldn’t wear my glasses in the shower!

That story reminds me why Lasik was the right choice for me. However, one month after my surgery things still aren’t perfect. My left eye, which was almost 20/20 before, is about 20/25 now. Eyes can fluctuate for one to three months after surgery, so I guess I was having a bad left eye day when I went in. My hope is that when everything evens out, it’s back to 20/20.

My night vision still leaves something to be desired, too. It is better than it was, but I still get halos and glares off cars, and it’s harder than before to distinguish objects in the dark. I’m still not driving to unfamiliar places at night; I probably could, but I feel safer sticking to the places I know.

The only other annoyance is dryness. The dryness was a lot better about two weeks after the surgery, but then the autumn weather kicked in. It’s very controllable with eye drops about every hour or two, but it would have been nice to have the surgery farther away from winter so I didn’t have to deal with it.

Anyway, I’m still happy with the surgery but excited for my vision to even out and the night driving to get better.  I’m also beginning to suspect I’m not going to develop the ability to shoot lasers from my eyes.

Click here to see my two week update.

1 day after

1 day after Lasik

1 month after

1 month after Lasik (the brown spot has always been there)

Conversations That Make Me Want to Smack Myself in the Forehead: Part 1

October 12, 2010 § 8 Comments

This one comes from last summer.

Marcus: Since we’re twins, half of what I say to you will be done telepathically anyway.

Me: We never really tried out the whole “telepathic communication” thing. Do you think we can do it?

Marcus: Tell you what. When we’re at the cottage, I’ll blindfold you in the yard and spin you around and around and around. Then I’ll stop you and have you sprint blindfolded toward the cliff. In my mind I’ll yell at you before you hit the edge. If you stop, we can communicate in our heads. If I’m wrong: death.

Me: Well, it has been a long time since we’ve used our twin shenanigans to scare the crap out of Mom and Dad…

Marcus: And maybe instead of sprinting, you can skip and leap toward the cliff, for fun.

– Patty