I thought for our first post, I would explain who we are and what we want to do. Basically, we are a family, and we want to share our thoughts and stories. For years, the five of us siblings have been laughing over memories, posting on facebooks, writing in journals, sending emails, etc. This blog is a place for us to finally get all of that wonderful mishmash into one place- and if others would like to read all of that craziness well, that’s all right, too. So here are the brief introductions, in order of age:

Maureen: The Leonardo to our Ninja Turtles, Maureen is the oldest of the siblings and the undoubted leader.  An untiring worker, she does medical billing out of her home while at the same time raising three children. Every week I see her on facebook, apologizing to Mom for all the insanity she put her through that her children are now putting her through. It’s funny because I don’t have kids.

Marcus: Technically he goes next because he was born before me, but I only let that happen because I wanted him to test the air out before I made my attempt. We are twins, as different as two fraternals can get, and he really doesn’t need an introduction. This picture will do:


Patty (that’s me!): I’m the wanderer of the group, the only one to live out of state. I moved to Connecticut to teach high school English for three years (I lived right outside Lyme and, yes, I did get Lyme disease). After meeting a wonderful but eccentric scientist at a party in New York (think Egon Spengler with an addiction to horror movies), I followed him to New Jersey where we live just outside Philadelphia. I’m taking a break from teaching while I am tutoring and earning my masters degree. A lot of the posts on this blog will be from me, as I have a hobby of recording dialogue and sharing it with people. I am also planning my July wedding, so I have plenty to vent about.

Colleen: Colleen gets the most abuse from the family (mostly because we think it’s funny), but she is an amazing young woman. She is short and slight, so it surprises a lot of people to learn that she is a nurse in downtown Detroit, regularly treating gunshot victims who are handcuffed to police officers. Her work stories are more interesting than mine, but HIPAA laws will keep us from hearing the juicy stuff.

Meagan: Oh, Meagan. Her nickname is Moo Moo (“Moo” for short) because Maureen’s husband, Jeff, thought it would be funny if his first daughter grew up calling her that. She did, and it stuck. Meagan is in her last year of undergrad and is a strange combination of shy and wild. In other words, she does incredibly crazy things and then becomes mortified that she did them. I won’t share those stories here because they will make a great blog entry.

– Patty

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